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We manufacture and install theatre curtains in QLD, NSW, VIC & SA.

At Specialty Theatre, we take great pride in our commitment to quality exemplified by our theatre curtains. We use the finest quality velvet and wool materials to create theatre curtains that are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. Our skilled technicians work with precision and meticulous attention to detail to ensure that each curtain meets our exacting standards. Rest assured that all of our materials are IFR and tested to meet AS1530 Australian Standards.

As experts in theatre curtains, we dedicate ourselves to delivering the best possible experience for our clients. We commit ourselves to ensuring that our clients’ theatres look and perform their best. Not to mention our comprehensive services include custom designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining curtains, ensuring that they maintain their optimal appearance and performance for years to come.

Theatre Curtians

We understand the importance of a well-crafted, professionally installed curtain, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ theatres have the perfect finishing touch to elevate every performance. With our years of experience and attention to detail, you can trust that Specialty Theatre will deliver the best possible results for your theatre.

Types of Theatre Curtains

Front of House Curtains (Main Curtain):

A front-of-house curtain, also known as a stage curtain, is a large decorative piece of fabric that hangs in front of the stage, separating the performers from the audience. It’s a critical element of a theatre’s design and plays a significant role in creating a specific atmosphere and setting the tone for a performance.

Front-of-house curtains do more than just act as a visual buffer between the audience and the stage. They also serve as an acoustic barrier, which we achieve by using high-quality materials. Many theatres unquestionably prefer velvet front-of-house curtains to provide a plush, rich appearance. Heavy theatre wool can offer a glamorous look while meeting the necessary acoustic requirements.

Valance Curtain:

Well-made valance curtains can add a touch of class and elegance to any theatre. The valance is a short, horizontal stage curtain that is traditionally fixed to the main front-of-house curtain. Normally made from the same material as the front-of-house curtain, valance curtains frame the stage, giving definition to the viewing area and creating a border that is similar to a cinema screen but far more glamorous. As well as hides the tracks and components from the audience.

Theatre Curtains


Borders are curtains that conceal the lighting bars and equipment above the stage. These curtains are available in a range of materials and colours to complement the overall design of the theatre.

Stage Legs:

Stage legs provide depth to the stage and obscure the sides of the stage from the audience’s view. Technicians attach legs and tabs to a pipe and hang them on a device, such as our Rotating Leg Unit, which enables the legs to swivel or rotate, providing the stage with increased flexibility. Additionally, leg curtains can be made with different fabric colours on either side and can be rotated to match the prevailing scenery colour scheme.

Theatre Curtains

Backdrop Theatre Curtains:

Backdrop curtains are a crucial element for any theatre production. They lend a polished, professional look to the stage while directing the audience’s attention towards the main stage. You can choose from two options: Most commonly, a high-quality velvet or wool that closely matches the front-of-house curtains. Or a cotton backdrop that can be painted with custom designs to create extra stage scenery. At Specialty Theatre, our team possesses the necessary expertise to custom manufacture, install, and service your theatre curtains.

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Trust Specialty Theatre to provide you with high-quality, custom-made theatre curtains that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create an unforgettable theatrical experience.

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