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Achieving the best sound quality in Sydney, NSW has never been easier when you contact us at Specialty Theatre to inquire about acoustic shells.

Acoustic Shells, Sydney in New South WalesAt Specialty Theatre, we know not every space is suited for the best sound. No matter what the venue architect had in mind, sometimes your performance can be drowned out or deadened, depending upon the hall or stage. One way we can help you elevate your performance without worry is with our acoustic shells to meet every need in Sydney, New South Wales.

  • Diva – Perfect for medium and large theatres, diva acoustic shells not only provide supreme performance, but they also add a beautiful backdrop to your space. Handcrafted and designed to fit your venue, you can’t go wrong with this excellent investment.
  • Legacy – At Specialty Theatre, we offer Legacy acoustic shells in “basic,” “classic,” and “select” styles, so you can choose the shells that best meet your needs. Let us know your intended use, and we’ll provide the acoustic shells that help you achieve the best results.
  • Travelmaster – You should never have to settle for a poor acoustical space when you know your performance has a lot to offer. One way to achieve your best sound every time is with Travelmaster’s acoustic shell, which allow you to take your sound devices with you wherever you go.
  • Inflatable – Wenger provides an easy-to-install option when you are taking performances on the road with inflatable a acoustic shell that go up in minutes. Your crew and your performers will love this effective addition!

Achieving the best sound quality has never been easier when you contact us at Specialty Theatre to inquire about acoustic shells from Sydney, NSW. With a range of options, we have something for everyone, and your next performance will sound its best. Contact us today to learn more.

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