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Altus, by J.R. Clancy is perfect for mid-level backstage rigging systems with up to 48 hoists. Its touch screen programmable capabilities allow you to create up to 200 cues with different speeds and targets for each hoist.

This gives you the flexibility you need to stage impressive set changes and dramatic visuals for dramas, musicals, and concerts. During the production, movements are played back reliably, yet can be modified as needed to match the flow of each performance.

Altus Features:

  • 12″ graphic touch screen for easy operation
  • Record and play back 200 cues, each controlling up to 8 hoists
  • Store 6 shows.
  • Each motor within a cue has its own speed and target
  • Direct up/down control plus joystick for adjustment on the fly
  • User programmed acceleration, deceleration, and default velocity for variable speed sets
  • User programmed soft end-of-travel limits
  • Load monitoring “learns” a new load, and senses changes (hoists require load sensors)
  • Industrial grade components assure reliability
  • Can be table, wall, or pedestal mounted

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