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Cinema equipment refers to the various tools, devices, and technologies used in the movie industry to create, produce, distribute, and present movies. Here are some examples of cinema equipment:

  1. Projectors: These are devices that use light to project movie images onto a cinema screen.
  2. Sound systems: Cinema sound systems are designed to create a high-quality sound experience for the audience. They include speakers, amplifiers, and processors.
  3. Screens: Cinema screens are specially designed surfaces that reflect light to create a high-quality movie image. They can be made of various materials and come in different sizes and aspect ratios.
  4. Film cameras: While digital cameras are becoming more common, film cameras are still used in some movie productions. Film cameras use rolls of film to capture images that are later developed and edited.
  5. Editing equipment: This includes software and hardware used to edit and manipulate movie footage to create a finished product.
  6. Lighting equipment: Cinema lighting equipment is used to create specific lighting effects or to light a scene. It includes various types of lights, reflectors, and diffusers.
  7. Special effects equipment: This includes technologies used to create special effects in movies, such as green screens, motion capture, and CGI.
  8. Distribution equipment: This includes systems used to distribute movies to theatres or other distribution channels, such as digital projectors and streaming services

Specialty Cinema Equipment Capabilities

Specialty Cinema engineer and manufacture a variety of specialised cinema equipment used in the cinema industry.  From cinema projector hoists used to raise or lower both 35mm and digital projectors to custom screen changers for digital cinema editing studios, no job is too specialised or too complex.

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