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After years of use, your cinema screens can become dirty and dull –resulting in a less-than-optimal experience for your paying customers.

The Benefits

After cinema screen cleaning, our customers have typically measured between a 10-30% increase in luminance and gain from matte and pearl cinema screens when using the industry standard Digital Screen Checker from Harkness Screens.

Please note that cinema screen cleanings can only be performed on matte white and pearl cinema screens as the surface coatings on silver screens are just too delicate for the process.

Cinema Screen Cleaning

Our Process

Our 7-step cinema screen cleaning process:

  1. Set up – plastic covers, speaker protectors and scaffold if required
  2. Rinse the screen surface with water using a low pressure-low volume spray
  3. Wash screen with special soap/detergent mixture using the low pressure-volume system
  4. Repeat rinsing in step 2
  5. Spray screen with special cleaning compound/brightening agent with the low pressure-volume system
  6. Repeat rinsing in step 2
  7. Clean up all water, remove covers, protectors and scaffold

If you want a sense of how it looks when dirty screens are getting cinema screen cleaning, please check out the above video on our YouTube site. Additionally, if you have any questions feel free to contact a member of our team by following the contact us link below.