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Job Role: Cinema/Theatre Installation Technician & Factory Hand

Company: Specialty Theatre Pty Ltd

Location: Williamstown North, Victoria (Factory-based) with Travel Across Different States

Position: Full-time: Mon to Fri

Start Date: January 8th 2024

*Must be an Australian Resident or Citizen*

Job Summary:

This role provides a unique opportunity for a motivated individual with high energy and a passion for learning to develop essential skills and experience in the cinema and theatre industry.

You will begin your journey in our factory in Williamstown North, Victoria, where you will familiarise yourself with theatre/cinema components and the logistics of our business. This includes packing theatre gear, assembling components and helping our sewing technicians to fold and pack large curtains.

On rare occasions you will gain some proficiency in operating sewing machines to assist in modifying theatre/cinema curtains on-site if needed.

You will also be attending sites with our local technicians to gain on-site and installation experience whilst using a variety of power tools.

You will be climbing tall ladders/scaffolding to install cinema curtains, large cinema speakers, install cinema screens and frames and install various theatre tracks and components in schools/stages. Basic knowledge and use of power tools is essential.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Factory-Based Training: Familiarise yourself with our theatre components and equipment.
  • Assist our team in packing pallets for jobs.
  • Learn the operation of industrial sewing machines for curtain production and adjustments. Collaborate with experienced technicians to understand the installation process.
  • Assist the staff with factory duties whilst not on-site.
  • On-Site Installation Training: Travel to different states across Australia to support installation projects.

Work at heights and off high ladders and adapt to different environments, including cinemas and theatres.

Key Requirements:

  • The use of power tools is essential. (Hammer Drills, Impact Drivers, Grinders, Recirpcating Saw)
  • Eagerness to Learn: Demonstrate a strong commitment to learning and developing technical skills within the theatre industry.
  • Collaboration: Work effectively with experienced technicians and machinists, taking direction and contributing to a collaborative team environment.
  • Travel Flexibility: Be prepared for travel within different states to complete installation projects as required.
  • Be comfortable working at heights and in diverse environments typically encountered in cinemas and theatres.
  • Attention to Detail: Show precision in the assembly, installation, and adjustment of theatre components to ensure quality work.
  • Physical Stamina: Possess the physical capability to handle the demands of the job, including lifting and carrying equipment.

If you are interested and want to find out more, please email your questions and resume to [email protected]

Job Type: Full-time


  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift Monday to Friday

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