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Enhance Safety and Extend Curtain Lifespan with Professional Curtain Treating and Flame Retardant Services

Discover the importance of curtain treating and flame retardant services for stage curtains, theatre curtains, and cinema drapes. Maximise the lifespan of your FR fabric by opting for regular re-treatment every three to five years (depending on storage conditions, temperature and humidity). Specialty Theatre’s specialised fire treatment solutions provide effective flame retardancy, eliminating the need to purchase new IFR curtains if you already have the old FR type.

Our expert technicians utilise innovative high-reach tools to efficiently vacuum and treat curtains from ground level, resulting in a cost-effective solution with reduced labour costs compared to other suppliers. Specialty Theatre Prioritise thorough cleaning before the application of our superior flame retardant treatment ensuring optimal results.

Keeping Patrons Safe in Your Venue:

Understanding the Benefits of Flame Retardant Treatments

Enhancing Safety with Flame Retardant Treatments:

While no material is entirely fireproof, flame retardant treatments aim to retard ignition and slow the spread of fire. Specialty Theatre’s powerful chemical solution significantly lowers the ignition temperature of the treated fabric, reducing the risk of flames. Our specialised treatment inhibits flame production, releases inert gases when exposed to fire, and develops a non-combustible char. Fabrics treated with our solution may ignite but self-extinguish within two seconds after the flame is withdrawn.

Ensuring Effective Curtain Flame Retardant Treatment:

Professional Application for Optimal Results

Expert Application for Effective Flame Retardancy:

Our experienced technicians apply our high-quality flame retardant products in sufficient quantity for optimal coverage. Following treatment, the fabric’s weight increases by approximately 10-20% when fully dried, indicating successful application. Our chemical solution is water-soluble, allowing for easy removal through laundering and water exposure. Single occurrences of dry cleaning does not alter materials treated with our product, provided the solvent is moisture and detergent-free. We recommend retesting fabrics after dry cleaning to maintain flame retardancy.

Request a Tailored Quote for Curtain Treating and Flame Retardant Services

Specialty Theatre offers professional curtain treating and flame retardant services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a personalised quote. Please provide curtain quantities, sizes, photos, and location details to ensure accuracy. Properly hang and make curtains easily accessible for our technicians to complete the project. Keep curtain-installed areas clear of people or staff during treatment.

Furthermore, Specialty Theatre provides a certification letter, guaranteeing flame retardant treatment compliance with American Standards. Prioritise safety and prolong curtain lifespan with our professional services.

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