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Welcome to Specialty Theatre, where we proudly present IFR Wool fabric, a groundbreaking creation that will revolutionise your venue. Prepare to be amazed by its exceptional performance and versatility.

Whether you’re looking to purchase IFR Wool fabric by the linear meter or have us manufacture exquisite curtains from it, let’s explore the remarkable properties of IFR Wool and discover how it can transform your space.

Endless Color Selection and Customization:

We understand the importance of aesthetics. That’s why Specialty Theatre offers an extensive array of colours for our IFR Wool fabric, ensuring a perfect match for your design preferences. Create a unique atmosphere with our custom colour options for larger orders, allowing your creativity to shine.

IFR Wool Colours

IFR Wool Acoustic Sound Damping:

Wool fabric, particularly the STS571 wool variant, excels at absorbing sound waves, minimizing echoes, and delivering an immersive auditory experience. Whether it’s a theatre, cinema, or school auditorium, Wool fabric ensures outstanding audio quality, captivating your audience with clarity.

Tailor Results with Customized Fullness:

Specialty Theatre’s IFR Wool fabric offers an exceptional range of fullness options, allowing you to achieve your desired acoustic balance and visual aesthetics. Fine-tune the fabric’s appearance and performance to your exact specifications, simultaneously creating a rich and captivating atmosphere.

Enhance Your Venue’s Look with IFR Wool:

Embrace the luxurious texture and timeless elegance of Wool fabric to significantly elevate your venue. Beyond curtains, it is perfect for upholstery, seating, drapery, and more. Let Wool fabric evidently bring a cohesive and visually stunning environment to life, perfectly complementing your venue’s theme.

Uncompromising Safety and Quality:

Lastly, safety and quality are paramount at Specialty Theatre. Our Wool fabric surpasses industry standards, meeting and exceeding AS1530 Parts 2 and 3 for exceptional fire retardancy which is most important. Crafted from a blend of 90% wool and 10% nylon. Given these points, it offers unmatched durability. Rest assured, our Wool fabric complies with environmentally friendly standards, passing rigorous VOC Emissions testing. In addition, follow the provided Care Label 4 instructions to maintain its pristine condition effortlessly.


Specialty Theatre’s Wool fabric revolutionises venues with its exceptional performance, versatility, and visual appeal. Experience unparalleled acoustic sound damping, tailor your results with customisable fullness, and elevate your space with luxurious Wool fabric. Contact us today to unlock the potential of Wool fabric by Specialty Theatre, where excellence takes centre stage.

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