Acoustic Curtains


Acoustic curtains sometimes referred soundproof curtains or sound-absorbing curtainsĀ are generally made of heavy-duty, flame-retardant fabrics, specially designed and constructed to absorb sound. They can be used with various track systems to afford greater flexibility than fixed sound absorptive panels.


Flexible Fabric Systems to Absorb Sound

Typically used for recording studios, sound sets, dance, drama and music rehearsal spaces, acoustic curtains can be used in venues ranging from schools to theatres.


Acoustic curtains are primarily intended for sound absorptive applications, as they offer minimal sound transmission loss. But acoustic curtains have a wide variety of applications apart from absorbing sound. They can be used to cover window areas, divide spaces, or arrange to cover hard or reflective surfaces, allowing an element of acoustic ‘tuning’ within a room. Specialty Theatre generally manufactures acoustic curtains from either wool serge or velvet velour, as the heavier nature of these fabrics provides the best acoustic results. Track selection is based on the relevant application and is dependent on curtain size, weight and arrangement.


Acoustic Performance

Frequency(Hz) 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K
550gsm Wool Serge (STS2413) 0.14 0.35 0.55 0.72 0.70 0.65
400gms Wool Serge (STS222) 0.07 0.31 0.49 0.75 0.70 0.60
Velvet Velour 0.06 0.29 0.46 0.70 0.65 0.56

Stated absorption coefficients based on unlined curtains manufactured to 50% fullness


Maintenance – Acoustic Curtains

Acoustic curtain fabric can only be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. Wet cleaning of flame retardant material will compromise the fire resistance and must be avoided.

Dry cleaning is possible with care, but only as a last resort. The track should be periodically cleaned to keep surfaces clear of dust and grease, joint alignment should be checked and fixings tightened if necessary. Worn or broken parts should be replaced.


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