Extended Dead Pulley For External Curves



About Extended Dead Pulley

A specialised component used in stage rigging systems to assist smooth and controlled movement of curtains, scenery, or other rigging pieces around curved tracks is an extended dead pulley for external curves. It is intended to guide and support rigging lines as they traverse an exterior curve on a rail system.

A curved track is commonly used in stage rigging to create arcs or circular routes for moving objects. The extended dead pulley is installed at the curve’s outermost edge and serves as a rigging line redirection point. It ensures that the lines maintain proper tension and alignment as they pass over the pulley, minimising tangling, snags, or excessive friction.

The extended dead pulley is designed to handle the radius of the curved track as well as the weight load it will support. It is made of tough materials that will survive prolonged usage and assure smooth and reliable operation.

Stage rigging systems may easily negotiate curved courses by including extended dead pulleys for external curves, enabling dynamic and adaptable stage designs. This allows for seamless transitions, fluid motion, and precise control of curtains, scenery, or other rigging elements, which improves the overall visual impact and functionality of stage plays.


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