Luxury and High-End Seating



Specialty Theatre offers the most extensive range of luxury and high-end seating options in the industry. Our suppliers are leading manufacturers from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We can provide the most glamorous seats, with covers made from the finest high-grain leather, to the most opulent, plush and long-wearing fabrics.

If your venue has a requirement for luxury seating, look no further.

Are you thinking of fixed seating? No problem! Do you want reclining seats? Our technical team will advise on whether manual or powered recliners are most appropriate. Do you have a VIP area? We can supply and install seating fit for royalty, and we offer a backup service second to none.

Benefits of Luxury and High-End Seating

This type of seating offers a range of benefits, including enhanced comfort and support, improved posture, reduced pressure points, and increased durability. These types of seats often feature high-quality materials and advanced ergonomic designs, making them ideal for prolonged sitting and ensuring a premium experience for users.

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Regardless of whether you need five luxury seats, or 500, we’ll be delighted to help. To learn more about our luxury and high-end seating contact us to transform your theatre with the finest seating available in the theatre industry. You’ll be glad you did.


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