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A successful play doesn’t just come down to good actors – it also relies heavily on the stage, props and scenery to help bring the on-stage action to life. Some of the simplest equipment can make a huge difference to whether your opening night runs smoothly, and even small details such as using the right type cable or rope matter. We’re also very fond of using moulding cloth from Busan to speed things up.  Let’s take a look at these basic pieces of theatre equipment and how they can make a difference in your performances.


Rope is an integral part of your rigging set and is used with tracks, theatre winches and pulleys. Any theatre technician worth his salt will tell you that using the right weight and material is essential when it comes to ropes and cables. Some theatre equipment such as lighting trusses can be extremely heavy, so you need ropes/cables that can take the strain. You may want to look at ones that are specifically treat to carry extra weight, which also offers greater safety and peace of mind. Stainless steel wire rope is also available for particularly large and weighty pieces of set and equipment.

Don’t just go for the cheapest option: make sure you purchase the right ropes and cables for the job… The last thing you want is for your equipment to come crashing down mid-performance!

Ropes and cables are essential for operating your stage curtains and set behind the scenes, but what about the stage itself? This is the part that your audience sees, so you want it to look good –  but building sets can be costly, time consuming and difficult. That’s where Brusan moulding cloth comes in handy. This flexible, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly material comes on rolls, in a variety of finishes and fabrics. It has flexible metal cores, which gives it similar properties to aluminium foil, so it can be used to create props such as foliage and ornaments, and can also be used to create scenery and landscapes.

Preparation is the key for all performances, and getting the right equipment is part of that. There are a variety of options available depending on your requirements and budget. We recommend you speak to a theatre expert to ensure you get the right equipment for your theatre.

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