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At JMC Academy in Sydney, Specialty Theatre undertook an impressive project to elevate the school stage’s versatility and visual impact. Motorised school stage curtains, operated effortlessly with a push button were installed to ensure seamless transitions during performances. Additionally, innovative lighting bars were introduced to augment stage illumination.

In this article, we explore the details of this successful project, including the tailored curtains, professional installation process, and creative solutions implemented by our experienced technicians.

School Stage Curtains
School Stage Curtains

Motorised School Stage Curtains for Seamless Transitions

Specialty Theatre responded to JMC Academy’s need for motorised school stage curtains that enhance performances. Here’s an overview of the curtain installation:

  1. Custom-Made Curtains: Specialty Theatre’s sewing machinists crafted elegant black wool (IFR) curtains with 80% fullness, creating a captivating stage appearance.
  2. Effortless Operation: The curtains feature a motorised system controlled by a simple push button, enabling seamless transitions between performance segments.
  3. Specialty Theatre’s Branded Tracks and Runners: The curtains are suspended from reliable STS075 tracks and STS080 Runners, ensuring smooth movement and impeccable functionality.

Versatile Lighting Bars Enhancing Stage Illumination:

Specialty Theatre additionally introduced two 10-metre lighting bars, enhancing stage illumination options. Here are the highlights:

  1. Secure Ceiling Suspension: Our skilled technicians developed an ingenious solution by bridging between two roof beams, ensuring a stable and safe installation for the lighting bars.
  2. Amplifying Lighting Possibilities: The suspended light bars add depth and visual impact to performances, creating a captivating and dynamic atmosphere on the stage.
School Stage Curtains

Overcoming Challenges for a Successful Project:

However, throughout the project, Specialty Theatre’s experienced team tackled challenges with innovative solutions:

  1. Finding Secure Fixing Points: Our dedicated technicians skillfully secured fixing points on the roof by bridging between two beams, Consequently guaranteeing a solid foundation for the lighting bars and curtains tracks.

The project at JMC Academy in Sydney certainly showcases Specialty Theatre’s commitment to enhancing school stages with cutting-edge solutions. Overall, these motorised school stage curtains and versatile lighting bars transform the stage into a versatile performance space. Trust Specialty Theatre to elevate your school stage with motorised curtains and innovative lighting solutions. Contact us today to explore how we can enhance your stage performances.

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