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April 13, 2012:  Melbourne, Australia: Wenger Distributor

Specialty Theatre Supplies has been appointed a distributor for Wenger Corporation’s technical theatre products

Specialty Group Pty Ltd is proud to announce that its Specialty Theatre Supplies division based in Melbourne has been appointed as a distributor for the Wenger Corporation, focusing on technical theatre products, including the world-famous Diva® range of acoustical shells to the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Established in 1969, Specialty Theatre Supplies is an Australian-owned specialist in cinema and live theatre fit out projects of all sizes. With extensive experience in 28 countries across the globe, Specialty Theatre Supplies works to provide clients with the best possible solution from design and supply to installation and on-going maintenance.

Wenger Corporation, based in Owatonna, Minnesota in the United States, is a leading global supplier of performance space equipment for theatres, concert halls and schools.  Wenger acoustical equipment can be found in many of the world’s leading performance venues.

“This relationship with Wenger Corporation provides Specialty Theatre Supplies access to some of the most technically advanced and highest quality professional theatrical equipment in the world” said Brian Ross, General Manager of Specialty Group.  He continued, “We are excited to add such a well-known manufacturer to our range of theatrical product suppliers.”

“Wenger is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality acoustic panels and shells for high-end performance spaces” said Jim Dodd, Theatre Sales Executive at Specialty Theatre Supplies.  “We think Wenger products will be more competitive than ever in the Australian market due to the very favourable exchange rate,” he added.

“We are excited to be working with Specialty Theatre Supplies for the distribution of our technical theatre products in Australian and New Zealand” said Nancy Wagner, Director, International Sales at Wenger Corporation. “Specialty has an existing relationship with JR Clancy, the leading stage rigging and theatre automation supplier we acquired last year, and we’re pleased now to extend this distribution relationship to Wenger’s technical products as well.”

About Specialty Group Pty Ltd:

Since 1969, Specialty Group has been providing theatre, stage and cinema equipment and services to the performing arts and cinema exhibition industries in Australia, New Zealand and 28 countries around the world. Specialty Group operates under the Specialty Theatre and Specialty Cinema brand names and has offices in Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore.
About Wenger Corporation

Wenger Corporation provides innovative, high-quality products and solutions for music and theatre education, performing arts and athletic equipment storage and transport. For more than 65 years Wenger has been listening to what our customers need and then designing and manufacturing innovative, durable and functional products to meet those needs.

Wenger pioneered sound isolation in practice rooms and now offers modular rooms with virtual acoustic technology (VAE) and built-in digital recording/playback. Products for music and theatre spaces include: pre-engineered acoustical doors, sound-isolating music practice rooms, acoustical shells, acoustical wall and ceiling treatment, instrument and equipment storage cabinets, audience seating, portable stage platforms and staging systems, music posture and portable audience chairs, orchestra pit fillers, makeup stations, tiered risers and music furniture.

In addition to our headquarters in Owatonna, Minn., Wenger has facilities in Canada and China, along with international distributors. For more information, please contact Wenger Corporation at 1-800-4WENGER or visit

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