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If you find yourself in need of new stage curtains, it can be a confusing process. There’s no such thing as a “standard” stage curtain. They’re all unique, whether in terms of size, finish, facing or width. However, there are a few things you can do to help minimise your hassle and ensure that you get the right stage curtains for your application. Here are a few tips to get you on your way.


Check for a Label

The first thing that you’ll need to do before you order new stage curtains is look for the label on your existing curtains. That label will give you quite a bit of valuable information, including the width and height dimensions. Other information that can be found on the label includes the type of finish on your current stage curtains, the flame retardant rating for the material and more. To find the label, check both offstage sides near the bottom of the curtain. If there is no label, don’t worry.


To order new stage curtains, you will need to know what size you need, which includes both the height and the width. To measure the height, start at the top and measure to the floor along the side hem. Make sure that the entire length of the curtain is taut, though, or your measurements will be off. To measure the width, start from one side and measure to the other along the top of the curtain. As a note make sure you take measurements for both the left and right-hand side curtains, as they can differ.

Finish Considerations

Another important consideration with new stage curtains is the finish for the material. You’ll need to determine the side finish, as well as the top and bottom finish. Finish options include webbing or grommets at the top, and weights sewn into the bottom of the curtain.

Fullness for Pleats

The fullness of your stage curtains is created by the pleats. To determine the correct fullness, you’ll need to pull the bottom of the curtain taut and measure the width (don’t confuse this with the actual width measurement made at the top of the curtain, though).

Choice of Fabric

There are numerous types of fabric that can be used to make new stage curtains. Your choices include wool, velour, satin and much more. You’ll need to consider the weight of the fabric, the colour that you want and the fibre content of the material, as well. You should also have a budget in mind so that you know what you can spend and what options are within your financial capabilities. Some fabrics are far more expensive than others, so bear this in mind. We always recommend high quality theatrical wool as one of the best options for stage curtains and theatre drapes.

Is There a Lining?

Do your existing curtains have a lining? If so, then you will likely want your new stage curtains to be lined as well. Lining helps block light from penetrating through the curtain, but it can also help provide a more finished appearance and protect your curtains from damage.

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