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In our last blog post, we talked about using cinema LED lighting to reduce utility costs. Now we’d like to tell you more about using LED lighting for cinema signage.

LED lighting for Cinema Signage

The first area to consider the use of LED in a cinema is signage. Cinemas require a great deal of signage in order to provide helpful information to customers. All of these signage options can be switched to LED for a better lighting option and a cheaper electrical bill. LED lights can be displayed in a number of colours making it easy to customize the signage.

Here are some of the places you can use LED cinema signage:

  • Exterior Signage – offering information and specials
  • Exterior Box Office – making it easy for customers to see what is playing and when from outside the theatre
  • Interior Box Office – this is a must; providing movie titles, show times, specials and more for customers as they choose their movie
  • House Signage – providing patrons with information about the next movie playing at each individual theatre
LED lighting for Cinema Signage

There are different digital signage solutions available to suit these different areas of signage within your cinema. Earlier this year, we were proud to announce that Specialty Cinema has been awarded the exclusive dealership for Signbox Microsystems Pte Ltd (Signbox) in Australia and New Zealand.

Signbox is one of Asia’s leading digital signage solution providers with a substantial focus on the cinema and entertainment industries. The Signbox digital signage system drives e-posters, candy bar menus and session time display from a central, web-based management console. The Signbox solution is highly flexible so it is able to manage and control not only the numerous LCD panels that make up the majority of foyer signage but also specialized signage like LED light boxes.

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