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modern theatre technology

It’s always special when we get to work in a historical venue. Heritage-listed theatres are few and far between and form an important part of the history of theatre and the performing arts. Though challenging, using modern theatre technology in historic venues is always a bliss. Preserving heritage and enhancing the experience at the same time is always the ultimate goal.

Often, we are brought in to install new equipment that has to match the historical feel of the venue, while utilizing the strength and durability of modern technology.

We were recently commissioned to install an acoustic treatment solution to divide the historic St Kilda Town Hall, which was built in 1890.  To fit within the heritage requirements of the building, we dyed our double-layered 400GSM wool curtains to the specified colours.

The result was an acoustic curtain that made use of modern-day technologies to ensure it worked as an effective acoustic solution and would be extremely durable; while fitting in with the historic feel of the venue.

Using modern equipment and technologies in historic venues often improves the theatre experience, whilst also ensuring that the venue conforms to the latest safety regulations.

Safety is enormously important for any venue, but particularly for older theatres. Make sure you have a venue safety inspection every year. This will help ensure that any hazards are identified before they become real problems and that any faulty equipment is identified and replaced before someone is harmed.

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