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Specialty Cinema offers several different types of masking motors. 2 to 4 Stop Masking Motors are used in cinemas to automate the process of adjusting the aspect ratio of the screen to match the format of the movie being shown. These motors can move the masking panels to create a variety of aspect ratios, improving the overall viewing experience for movie-goers. To learn more about this product and the different models we offer specifically, keep reading.

STS420 Two-Stop Winch

Two-stop motor with the tooth belt system. High torque, NMRV40 63.18. With brake.

2 to 4 Stop masking motors

STS419 Two-Stop Winch

Two-stop motor with large drum. Extra high torque, NMRV50 .37. With brake.

2 to 4 Stop masking motors

STS415 Two-Stop Winch With Cable Drum With Break

Two-stop motor with small drum for top lifting system. With brake.

2 to 4 Stop masking motors

STS414 Two-Stop Winch

Two-stop motor with pulley drive. With brake.

2 to 4 Stop masking motors


  1. Precise control: Stepper motors move in small steps, which allows for precise control of the motor’s position and speed. This makes them ideal for applications where accurate positioning or motion control is required.
  2. Open-loop operation: Stepper motors can be operated in an open-loop system, which means that no feedback is required to determine the motor’s position or speed. This simplifies the control system and reduces costs.
  3. High torque at low speeds: Stepper motors can generate high torque even at low speeds, which makes them suitable for applications that require high torque at low speeds, such as in robotics or automation.
  4. Easy to use: Stepper motors are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. They do not require complex feedback systems or special control circuits, which makes them a cost-effective solution for many applications.
  5. Repeatability: Stepper motors can repeat the same motion accurately, making them ideal for applications where precise, repeatable movements are necessary.

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