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Stage Gauze & Scrims are stage curtains used to provide useful, often dramatic and moody theatrical effects. They are made from open-weave fabrics, so the term gauze is quite appropriate.

In reality, sharkstooth fabric is typically used to manufacture theatre gauze.  A gauze’s “magical” properties mean that it can either be opaque when lit from the front and the upstage is dark, in which case anything or anyone behind the gauze curtain becomes invisible; on the other hand, when the scene behind the gauze is lit and front lights on the gauze are dimmed, the gauze itself becomes invisible, revealing the upstage scene.

When used in conjunction with the right lighting, gauze can create misty mornings, dream-like or ghostly figures, a romantic street-lit scene, or an eerie, foreboding setting. At Specialty Theatre, we can design and manufacture a gauze for your theatre, whatever size or shape you require.

For more information on Stage Gauze & Scrims, Phone or e-mail us today to find out how quick and easy it is to get a professional, mood-enhancing gauze for your theatre. If you are looking at additional products we recommend that you explore the rest of our website before being contacted. This ensures that the e-mail or phone call will produce the best results. 


Stage Gauze & Scrims in Sydney, NSW


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