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Cinema masking systems are used partially mask or hide the cinema screen creating a sharp definition around the projected image.  Cinema masking systems can be fixed in place or they can move with the changing aspect ratio of the image being projected, say from CinemaScope to Wide-Screen.

What Is Cinema Masking?

Cinema masking is a technique used in movie theatres to adjust the aspect ratio of the movie image being projected on the screen. The purpose of cinema masking is to provide a consistent and optimal viewing experience for the audience, regardless of the aspect ratio of the movie being shown. In the context of a system, a typical cinema masking system consists of several motorised or manual curtains or panels that can be moved into different positions to mask off portions of the screen. The curtains or panels are usually made of a black or dark material that absorbs light and minimises distractions.

What Can We Do?

Specialty Group manufactures, installs and maintains nearly every possible kind of cinema masking system imaginable.  From our standard side masking systems and top masking systems to more exotic panel roller side maskings and batwing masking systems, we can provide you with and maintain the masking system that best suits your venue.

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