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Specialty manufacture and install screen frame to suit any venue or budget in New Zealand, Australia, and a range of other places.  We have a complete self-standing screen frame with built-in access ladders and safety rails as well as a more basic and budget-conscious floating cinema screen frame that is attached to and supported by the auditorium.  Our cinema screen frames are used with all brands of cinema screen surfaces including Harkness, Strong MDI and Specrto.  Just let us know what you want.

What Are Screen Frames?

In industry, screen frames are the borders or edges that surround the movie image projected on a screen or something similar. The screen frame provides a visible boundary between the movie image and the surrounding environment, and it helps to focus the viewer’s attention on the image. An example of the different types of screen frames is a Laceout Screen Frame.

Screen Frame


We have installed our frames all over the world and in every kind of cinema from the smallest of small-town cinemas to some of the largest mega multiplexes in the world.  From Dubai to Singapore to every capital city in Australia and New Zealand, you will find our top-quality frames in use every day.

Screen Frames Advantages

In cinema and theatre, screens are an essential component for displaying movies, plays, and other performances. A screen frame is typically used in cinema and theatre to provide a stable and rigid structure to the screen. Here are some reasons why screen frames are used in cinema and theatre:

  1. Stability: They provide stability to the screen, ensuring that it does not sag or wrinkle. This stability is important because any distortion or irregularities in the screen can affect the quality of the projected image.
  2. Durability: Are made of sturdy materials, such as aluminium or steel, that are capable of withstanding the rigours of repeated use. This durability is essential in cinema and theatre settings where screens are used frequently.
  3. Tensioning: The frames are designed to hold the screen material taut, ensuring a smooth and consistent surface for viewing or projecting images. This tension is essential for providing a clear and focused image.
  4. Customization: Can be customised to fit specific screen sizes and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for the specific application. This customization allows the screen to be optimised for the specific viewing environment and enhances the overall viewing experience.

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