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Legs, Borders & Tabs are technical theatre drapes that are used to give depth to the stage and sometimes to mask stage equipment.  While legs and borders generally serve the same purpose as tormentors and teasers, there are usually several sets of legs and borders placed at varying distances from the proscenium that make up the standard curtain package.

Tabs are theatre curtains that hang at the sides of the stage perpendicular to the proscenium arch to mask the wings.

Legs and tabs are attached to a batten and often hung on a device such as our Rotating Leg Unit allowing the leg to rotate or swivel giving the stage much more flexibility.  Leg curtains can also be made with different fabric colours on either side and rotated to match the prevailing scenery colour scheme.

Specialty Theatre typically uses wool theatre fabric to make hard-wearing and long-lasting legs, borders and tabs to our customer’s precise specifications and requirements. We install them as well and offer a comprehensive after-sales maintenance service.

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Legs, Borders & Tabs in Sydney, NSW


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