Sharkstooth Scrim – 100% Cotton (NDFR), 100gsm

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Sharkstooth scrim allows actors and even full sets to be concealed or suddenly revealed on stage.

Stage gauze (aka Sharkstooth Scrim) is an open-weave theatre and stage fabric.  “Open weave” means the fabric is manufactured with more open space than the actual fabric.

Used on stage for dramatic effect, stage gauze (also known as sharkstooth theatre fabric) allows actors and even full sets to be concealed or suddenly revealed on stage, depending on the lighting effects used.  When lit from the front, and with the stage behind the stage gauze totally dark, the fabric takes on an opaque experience, rendering anything behind the gauze invisible.  However, when lit from behind, and with the front of the stage lights dimmed, the gauze becomes invisible, dramatically revealing the upstage scene.  In addition, stage gauze or sharkstooth scrims can also be used to create the illusion of distance.

As well as designing and manufacturing stage gauze curtains for theatres of all sizes and shapes, we also offer our customers an exceptional installation service.  

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