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Complete Cinema Installation Services By Specialty as we value the importance of short execution times, so you can start or restart your cinema operation as soon as possible. We’ve even seen things done in just a few short weeks!

Traditionally, cinema installation and fit-out typically involves designing and installing the necessary equipment and furniture to create a comfortable and immersive movie-watching experience. This can include everything from projectors and sound systems to seating, lighting, and decor. If this sounds like what you and your company is after then contact Specialty today!

cinema installation

In the installation phase, we work hand in hand with the other tradesmen (builders, ventilation, painters, etc.), develop a cable plan with the electrician, and coordinate with the architects.

Once the building shell is ready, we work with the builder to install the seating, acoustic insulationscreen frames and screens surfaces as well as certified fire resistant fire ports.

In a few short weeks, we look forward to celebrating the opening of your new cinema! To get started, contact us today.

To learn more about our cinema installation & fit-out or any of Specialty Theatres products or services including cinema installation then please contact one of our team members via the contact us button below.