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Specialty Theatre offers flameproofing services for fabrics in public spaces.

Australian fire codes require that all fabric materials be fire retarding in public spaces, especially curtains because they act as a fire accelerant. A fire retarding, or fire-resistant, product is a chemical, that when applied to items of that nature, considerably slows down their burn, allowing time for any persons in the area to vacate the facility.

Fire Retarding

Specialty Theatre uses a water-based solution that treats curtains, fabrics and other materials safely and without damage such as staining. We apply fire retarding to your theatre materials when ordered or, if you already have a theatre and want to ensure compliance with the requirements in clauses C1.10, 2-9 of the Building Code of Australia, we can send our technicians to your site to perform fire retarding in situ.

We offer the same services to exhibition suppliers, cinemas, performing art spaces or any other organisation that has large curtains separating displays, screens, and rooms. Controlling fire in any large public gathering is of utmost importance and we serve anyone taking those precautions.

The product can be sprayed on the curtains where they hang, nearly eliminating any preparation time on your part. They should dry for twenty-four hours before moved or compressed. Specialty Theatre technicians will clean up after themselves, leaving your theatre, hall, cinema or space the same way they found it – performance ready.

All curtains and fabrics treated with our fire retarding product will be accompanied by a Certificate of Compliance (Australian Standard, cleaned up to five times in accordance with AS1530 Parts 2 & 3) and as required by the Building AS2001.5.4 Procedure 7A of Building Code of Australia.

Contact us for more information. Please have information about your curtain size, fabric type, lining and other pertinent information on hand so that we can best assist you.