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Specialty Theatre proudly presents our Theatre Grids, designed to revolutionise stage sound and lighting across Australia. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we offer top-of-the-line solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Understanding Lighting Grids:

Lighting Grids, also known as battens or pipes, are horizontal structures suspended above the stage to support lighting equipment. Therefore, they play a crucial role in creating dynamic lighting setups for performances. At Specialty Theatre, our Theatre Grids certainly are designed to be rigid and completely adjustable, ensuring optimal placement and stability.

Key Features of Our Theatre Grids:

  1. Industry Standard Construction: Our Grids are constructed with industry-standard 48mm outside diameter black pipe, to ensure they will suit standard light-fitting clamps. Our Theatre Grids ensure durability and reliability in every installation.
  2. Structural Integrity: Each grid boasts a particular design, guaranteeing structural integrity. Equipped with pipe clamps at every crossover and securely fixed into the walls on either side, our grids provide a stable foundation for your lighting setup.
  3. Versatile Applications: Whether outfitting a school auditorium, a professional theatre, or any other performance space, our Theatre Grids adapt to various environments and requirements. Additionally, our girds even give you the option to add tracks and curtains.

Enhancing Your Lighting Setup:

In addition to providing structural support for lighting equipment, our Theatre Grids offer versatility in lighting design. With adjustable heights and customisable configurations, you can create stunning lighting effects that enhance the overall ambience of your performance space. Trust Specialty Theatre to elevate your stage lighting to new heights.

Why Choose Specialty Theatre?

Furthermore, At Specialty Theatre, we supply and install across Australia. Our dedicated team of experts offers comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From initial design consultations to seamless installation, we are certainly committed to bringing your vision to life.

Get Started Today:

Contact Specialty Theatre today for expert assistance in designing and installing a theatre lighting grid that meets your unique specifications. With our unparalleled expertise and dedication to excellence, we’re here to help you shine on stage.

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