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Specialty Cinema manufacture, distribute and install fire-rated and non-fire-rated cinema projection ports and fire shutters for cinema.  Cinema projection ports are used to separate the projection room or bio box from the auditorium.

Cinema Projection Ports

 World-class projection demands world-class projection ports. Our projection ports have durable, all-steel construction with superb sound insulation, high optical transfer through the glass, and a unique port clip system allowing easy removal of glass for thorough cleaning. Specialty projection ports will complement any high-quality cinema or theatre installation.

Exhibitors spend an enormous amount on projection equipment, so using high-quality projection ports is similarly important to using high-quality lenses and projectors.  Projection ports are the link between the projection booth and the auditorium, making them a critical component in the overall visual and audio experience for the patron.

Even if an image has excellent resolution and brightness leaving the projector, it is immaterial if the light is compromised before the image reaches the cinema screen, or if projectionists or projectors can be heard behind the back wall of the auditorium during a show.  To further improve the presentation and light transfer, anti-reflective glass is recommended.

In the case of fire-rated projection ports or fire shutters, an insulated metal shutter can slide shut over the glass in the case of a fire in the projection room.  This action can be triggered by thermal fuses or magnetic releases controlled by the fire control system.  Fire shutters are often mandatory in cinemas in many jurisdictions.  Our fire-rated cinema projection ports comply with Australian and international standards including the Singapore PLS.

Fire-rated projection port

Non-fire Rated Projection Port

Port Clip