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choosing the best rigging for your theatre venue

Stage rigging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and needs to be adapted to each individual theatre venue. Here are a few tips on choosing the best rigging for your theatre venue

Automated stage rigging
Automatic rigging is the quickly becoming the preferred rigging solution for most theatres. It is fast, efficient and reliable. There are a good variety of hoists and custom hoists on the market that are designed to meet a range of requirements, from budget to creative considerations. It’s also possible to have custom hoists that are designed and built to fit individual specifications.

Control Systems
A good control system can give you total control over multiple sets and can be customised to deliver unique features.

Manual stage rigging
Although automated stage rigging is becoming increasingly popular, traditional manual counterweight rigging is still used extensively in all kinds of venues. Manual rigging has the advantage of being an economical solution. It is common to see a combination automatic and manual rigging within a theatre.

Rigging accessories
Rigging accessories, including battens, cable cradles and floor plates, are an essential part of any rigging solution. Don’t let your production be brought down by cheap and unreliable rigging accessories.

choosing the best rigging for your theatre venue

Fire safety curtains
Don’t forget about safety. A fire safety curtain is a key piece of theatre equipment and is mandatory by law. A variety of different fire curtains are available that meet various venue-specific requirements.

Remember: all rigging can be dangerous and should be set up by qualified and experienced riggers only.

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