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Cinema Main Curtain

In today’s world of nearly ubiquitous HD home entertainment systems, cinema exhibitors have realised that they must make going out to the movies a true event for their patrons.  Nothing does more to create a real and memorable cinema experience than an impressive cinema main curtain.

At Specialty, we can design, manufacture and install pretty much any kind of cinema main curtain that you could require. 

Cinema Main Curtain Product Description

  • Centre parting motorised curtain (also known as French Action)
  • Top lifting motorised curtain – Roman, Festoon or Austrian
  • Side movement motorised curtain (where curtain stacks to one side only)
  • Rolling curtain to suit sheer and unpleated fabrics
  • Heavy duty accessories
  • Glass reinforced nylon runners
  • 3-phase or single phase motors with computerised inverter control system
  • Main tabs usually require a pelmet, bulkhead or valance to conceal the curtain hardware

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