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Digital signage helps Australian theatres. Let’s take a look how…

Digital signage has taken over the cinema industry and out-dated billboards advertising upcoming movies, static screens promoting candy bar items and paper flyers with movie descriptions are now (luckily!) a thing of the past. digital signage helps Australian theatres

Australian theatres are beginning to follow suit, and those that have already embraced digital signage are reaping the benefits.

One of the key benefits of implementing a digital signage system is its ability to provide new information quickly and effectively to your patrons.

Commercial-grade digital displays can be used as digital posters for upcoming shows, replacing the old paper posters and saving resources. They are also very effective as session time displays and candy bar menu boards and can help patrons with directions.

Using digital signage in your theatre means you can be very flexible and adapt to changes easily. Traditional methods like billboards and posters simply cannot act fast enough in today’s information-rich society. Patrons expect things in real-time, and digital signage allows you to update your screens at the touch of a button. Is your next show delayed by 20 minutes? Candy-bar item out of stock? Or do you need to promote some last-minute tickets? Not a problem!

Digital signage means that customers no longer have any barriers toward getting the most up-to-date information possible, which will make their theatre experience more enjoyable.

For those who are worried about the look and feel of their theatres, rest assured: digital signage doesn’t need to take over your theatre. It’s possible to subtly integrate this modern technology into your venue, providing all the benefits without detracting from the theatre experience.

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