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This week in Specialty Cinema, let’s talk about effective cinema marketing strategies. Due to piracy and the online availability of movies, the cinema business is experiencing an inevitable regression. However, these technologies that we commonly see as threats to the industry can be used to promote it instead. Read on to find out how and you’d be surprised to know how easy they are.

effective marketing strategies to promote cinemas

Online promotion is necessary to almost all kinds of business nowadays so let’s focus on this. The basic concept is making your presence known in social media and search engines.

3 basic yet effective marketing strategies to promote cinemas

1. Create an official website.

It could be Clickfunnel, WordPress, Wix or Godaddy. The platform is only the secondary concern for creating your website. What you need to primarily take care of is the visibility of your site to search engine so ensure that you have the right, highly searched related keywords and that you have quality content. From here you can also collect email lists of people interested in receiving updates from your cinema.


Here is the information you’d want to be available on your website:

  • Additional contact information
  • Amenities and facilities
  • Movie line up and showing schedules
  • What makes your cinema stand out from competition like advanced technologies you are using, advantages of your cinema setup over others, etc.

2. Create a Facebook page.

Almost everybody has Facebook these days and this is the most inexpensive way to promote on social media. Make sure it is always updated and well managed, meaning you always are able to answer inquiries and respond to comments.


3. Tweet your way.

Create a Tweeter account, Follow related famous people in your community. Make sure to have witty and fun tweets every time so people follow you and retweet your posts. That’s how you get promotion/ advertising help from people without having to spend a lot.


Here is the basic information you’d want to be available in your promotions:

  • Film title
  • Film introduction
  • Location/ Direction
  • Showing Schedule
  • Ticket prices (discount eligibility and other applicable promos)
  • Ticket outlets and availability

Of course, you can still go with the traditional promotion methods such as flyers, posters, and the like but if you want to reach a wider market, online marketing is the way to go. Overall, we hope you found this post helpful in understanding effective cinema marketing strategies.

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