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Specialty attended! ENTECH INTECH has been Australia’s leading trade show for the entertainment, live events and corporate installation sectors for 17 years.   Showcasing the latest pro audio, lighting and audio visual equipment, ENTECH attracts thousands of visitors who are seeking out the latest in technology and innovation for their industry. Supported by industry associations such as ALIA, CEDIA and PLASA, the show also boasts a ‘not to be missed’ educational program featuring several international and local keynote speakers.   Also ENTECH is known for its networking opportunities; it has a tradition of being the show that understands how the industry does business!

Event Benefits

The above does mention some benefits, however, additionally:

  1. Networking: Trade shows provide an opportunity to meet and network with other industry professionals, potential customers, and suppliers.
  2. Brand Awareness: Exhibiting at trade shows can increase brand awareness and help to establish a company’s presence in a particular industry.
  3. Lead Generation: Trade shows can be an effective way to generate leads and sales for a company’s products or services.
  4. Market Research: Trade shows can provide valuable market research and insights into competitors and emerging trends.
  5. Product Launches: Trade shows can be a great platform for launching new products and services to a captive audience.
  6. Education: Trade shows often offer educational opportunities such as seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches that can help industry professionals stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their field.
  7. Cost-Effective Marketing: Participating in a trade show can be a cost-effective way to market a company’s products or services compared to other forms of advertising or marketing.

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