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At Specialty Theatre, we take pride in offering an extensive collection of top-quality fire-retardant fabric. Our diverse range includes IFR wool, Chromakey wool, Velvet, Filled Cloth, and Sharkstooth fabrics. Whether you require fire safety compliance or simply wish to enhance your venue’s aesthetic appeal, our fire retardant fabrics offer a perfect solution.

1: Wool IFR Fabric:

Explore our Wool IFR fabric, a reliable choice for various applications. Available in black, this fabric is ideal for creating a safe and visually appealing ambience. For larger quantities, we also offer custom colours and GSMs, allowing you to tailor the fabric to your specific needs.

Furthermore, Discover our standard black IFR wool fabrics, available in 230GSM, 420GSM, and 565GSM options. These fabrics provide enhanced fire resistance while maintaining the luxurious texture of wool. Experience peace of mind knowing that your venue is equipped with top-quality fire-safe materials.

fire retardant fabric

2: Chromakey Wool IFR Fabric:

Experience the innovation of Chromakey wool fire retardant fabric, ideal for green or blue screen applications. In particular, this specialised fabric ensures a fire-safe green/blue screen setup, enabling seamless visual effects and enhancing creative possibilities in film and video production.

3: Luxurious Velvet Fire Retardant Fabric:

Indulge in the elegance of Velvet IFR fabric, available in various colours to suit your design preferences. Our standard 290GSM Velvet is certainly perfect for adding sophistication to any setting. Additionally, For larger quantities, we offer custom GSM and colour options to fulfil your unique vision.

4: Filled Cloth for Cycloramas:

Specialty Theatre offers Filled Cloth, specially designed for Cycloramas. This treated fabric ensures safety in schools and venues, making it an excellent choice for creating stunning stage backdrops. Elevate your performances with fire-safe Filled Cloth curtains.

5: Sharkstooth Fire Retardant Fabric:

Complete your fire-safe setup with Sharkstooth fire retardant fabric. This versatile fabric is suitable for a range of applications, providing both safety and aesthetic appeal. Enhance your venue’s overall atmosphere with this reliable fire-retardant fabric.

Contact Specialty to Buy IFR Fabric:

At Specialty Theatre, we are the trusted source for top-quality fire-retardant fabrics. Elevate your venue’s ambience and ensure fire safety compliance with our IFR fabrics, suitable for schools and venues.

Explore our extensive collection of fire-retardant fabrics today and create a captivating and secure environment for your valued guests.

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