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The thrill of live theatre is all about captivating the audience, creating moments that linger in memory, and transporting spectators into the world of the play. A crucial part of this enchanting theatre experience is the theatrical backdrop, where the magic unfolds. At Specialty Theatre, we recently had the privilege of contributing to the transformation of the Williamstown Little Theatre. A project that embodies the art of stagecraft.

Theatre Experience

New Track and Runners for a Fresh Perspective

The Williamstown Little Theatre, with its rich history and commitment to the arts, reached out to Specialty Theatre for a much-needed update to their stage curtains and rigging system. The challenge was to blend functionality, aesthetics, and ease of operation seamlessly. Our team was excited to take on the project and elevate the theatre’s capabilities to enhance the overall theatre experience.

The core of our solution lay in installing a new track and runners. To ensure durability and smooth, noiseless operation. We selected our heavy-duty STS075 track combined with our STS080 ball-bearing runners. This choice was made to guarantee that the curtains would glide effortlessly. Providing a seamless transition between scenes and enhancing the overall theatre experience.

Theatre Experience

Enhancing the Front of House Curtains

One of the theatre’s requirements was to have Front of House curtains that could be operated with cord control. The objective was to add an element of drama and sophistication to the stage. Allowing for creative reveals and curtain drops. Our team worked closely with the theatre to ensure that the cord control mechanism met their exact specifications, further enhancing the theatre experience.

Theatre Experience

Bringing New Life to Old Curtains

In an eco-conscious twist, the theatre wanted to make use of their existing curtains. Specialty Theatre prides itself on providing sustainable solutions, and we were delighted to help extend the life of the theatre existing curtains. We carefully examined, restored, and re-hung the old curtains, breathing new life into them. This approach not only saved resources but also retained the charm and history of the theatre’s stage, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly theatre experience.


The completion of this project was a testament to the seamless integration of modern technology and theatre tradition. The Williamstown Little Theatre can now look forward to captivating audiences with breathtaking curtain reveals, thanks to the new track and runners. The upgraded rigging system ensures that the Front of House curtains operate with precision, further enhancing the theatre experience.

At Specialty Theatre, we take pride in our ability to understand the unique needs of each theatre and deliver tailor-made solutions that meet and exceed expectations. The Williamstown Little Theatre project is just one example of our commitment to enhancing the art of theatre and providing an unforgettable theatre experience. We look forward to more such collaborations that blend creativity, innovation, and sustainability to create unforgettable moments on the stage.

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