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Specialty Cinema’s Laceout Screen Frame offers a lower-cost, but high-value solution for new cinema installations or for the replacement of existing or obsolete cinema screen frame systems.

Cinema Screen Frame System C

The Laceout Screen Frame is a high-quality frame designed to enhance the visual appeal of flat-screen televisions and monitors. It has been specifically designed to provide the appearance of a floating screen by enclosing the display with a slim, unadorned frame that blends seamlessly with the wall. For a sleek, contemporary style, the frame is built of quality materials such as aircraft-grade aluminium and coated with a long-lasting powder coating. The C-Series Floating Screen Frame can handle a wide range of screen sizes and is easy to install thanks to the provided hardware. It is suitable for both home and commercial settings, adding a feeling of sophistication to any location.

Laceout Screen Frame Advantages

Simple to install: The Laceout Screen Frame’s design makes it simple for anybody to install. The frame sections snap together fast and effortlessly, and no elaborate instructions are required.

Customisable: Laceout Screen Frames can be customised to meet any application because they come in a number of sizes and colours. This makes it simple to find the appropriate frame for any job.

Durable: The Laceout Screen Frame’s interlocking design adds strength and longevity. This increases the likelihood that the frame will last for many years without needing to be changed.

Maintenance: The frame is simple to maintain and clean because it can be readily removed and reassembled. This makes it simple to repair damaged or worn-out parts, hence lowering costs.

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