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Specialty provides a range of products and services including accessories for various types of projection port. These accessories are specialised tools and equipment used in conjunction with a projection system to optimise the image quality and projection experience. These accessories include items such as port glass, lens adapters, and port plates. Port glass is a specially designed glass panel that is placed over the projection port to improve the clarity and brightness of the image. Lens adapters are used to attach different lenses to the projection system to achieve specific projection distances and image sizes. Port plates are custom-made plates that fit over the projection port to ensure that the image is properly aligned and focused. Overall, cinema projection port accessories play a crucial role in ensuring high-quality image projection in theatres.


Applications of this nature are used in a variety of sectors. These release systems are utilised in industrial settings for the efficient and controlled release of magnetic fasteners and components, allowing for speedy assembly and disassembly. Magnetic releasing mechanisms are used in quick-release fuel caps and panel fasteners in the automotive industry to provide convenience and simplicity of access. Magnetic technology is also employed in medical equipment such as magnetic drug delivery systems, where regulated medicine release is essential. These systems are also used in security devices, robotics, aircraft, and even entertainment, where they are used to detach equipment and props quickly and reliably during performances or special effects.

Magnetic Release

STS311 Magnetic Release

Magnetic fire release for fire rated ports. This device can be connected to a fire alarm system in a building so the projection port closes automatically in the event of a fire.

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