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Speciality Cinema carries masking controllers. A masking controller is a piece of hardware or software that masks or blocks specified portions of a signal or data stream. Speech processing, noise reduction, and data privacy are just a few of the uses. A masking controller examines the input signal and applies a filter or mask to regions of the signal that need to be blocked or muted. The level and kind of masking can be changed depending on the application and requirements. Advanced masking controllers may use machine learning algorithms to adaptively adjust masking parameters based on real-time input data. Some of these are as follows.

Controller Advantages

Masking controllers are devices used to control the movement and positioning of masking curtains or panels in stage and event productions. These controllers provide numerous benefits in terms of simplicity, precision, and efficiency.

The ability of masking controllers to automate and streamline the process of altering masking curtains is one of their key advantages. With the click of a button or the use of a control panel, stage technicians can easily and precisely manage the opening, shutting, and placement of curtains. When compared to manual modification, this saves time and effort, allowing for smoother transitions between scenes or changes in stage layout.

Masking controllers can also control the speed and movement of masking curtains. This accuracy guarantees that the curtains move gently and at the proper speed, preventing abrupt or jerky motions that could disrupt the flow of a performance.

Furthermore, masking controllers frequently include programmable features that enable the construction and storage of predefined positions or movements. This function allows for quick and consistent modifications, removing the need for manual measurements and computations for each performance.

Overall, masking controllers improve the efficiency and accuracy of masking curtain adjustments, giving stage technicians more control and flexibility when it comes to designing visually pleasing stage settings.

STS410 Custom Masking Controller

Custom push button control plate – designed and built based on the amount of stops in a system.

STS410 Custom Controller
STS410 Custom Controller

STS407 Two Stop Masking Controller

Two stop push button control plate.

STS407 Two Stop Controller
STS407 Two Stop Controller

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