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As the name suggests, a masking curtain hides, obscures objects, and/or blocks light. Generally, the purpose of masking curtains is to adjust the aspect ratio of the projected image to match the aspect ratio of the film being shown.

Masking Curtains

A variety of theatre fabrics can be used for masking curtains depending on the masking requirements as well as the desired appearance.  Masking curtains will sometimes be lined to enhance their function.

We suggested using high-quality wool theatre fabric for most applications.  Wool theatre fabric looks good, lasts for years and meets most fire codes and regulations. Our wool theatre fabric comes from Specialty Theatre Supplies.

Applications – Masking Curtain

Masking curtains can be hung from a track, rigging bar, screen frame or in some cases simply stapled to a bulkhead.  Maskings can be fixed or movable.

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