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Specialty provides a range of products and services including accessories for various types of projection port. These accessories are specialised tools and equipment used in conjunction with a projection system to optimise the image quality and projection experience. These accessories include items such as port glass, lens adapters, and port plates. Port glass is a specially designed glass panel that is placed over the projection port to improve the clarity and brightness of the image. Lens adapters are used to connect several lenses to the projection system in order to obtain specified projection distances and image sizes. Port plates are custom-made plates that fit over the projection port to ensure perfect image alignment and focus. Overall, cinema projection port accessories are essential for assuring high-quality image projection in cinemas. Some of our current offerings for this product category include:


Cable Organisation: Port clips aid in cable organisation and security, preventing tangling and disorganisation. They keep cables clean and easily accessible by holding them in place.

Improved Safety: Port clips make the surroundings safer by decreasing trip hazards. They reduce the danger of accidents or injuries caused by people tripping over loose or dangling cables by keeping cables organised and out of the way. Port clips shield wires from damage or wear caused by extreme bending, pulling, or strain. Port clips, by securing cables in place, limit the chance of accidental tugs or trips, extending the life of the wires.

Installation: Port clips are normally simple to install and can be mounted to a variety of surfaces such as desks, walls, or furniture. They frequently have adhesive backing or screw mounts, allowing for quick and easy installation.

Size: Port clips are available in a variety of sizes and styles to handle a wide range of cable kinds and sizes. They can be used to organise power cords, data cables, audio cables, and other cables. Because of their adaptability, they can be used in offices, residences, studios, and other environments that require cable management.

STS309 Port Clip

Cam port glass clip – used for securing glass in projection ports.

STS309 Port Clip

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