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Sound isolation for studios

If you are setting up a studio or rehearsal space, it’s all too easy to focus on getting the best equipment, rather than treating the room itself. But concentrating on getting the acoustics of your room right can prove to be a wise investment. Here are some sound isolation for studios and rehearsal spaces tips and tricks.

It’s common to find that the acoustics of your chosen room are less than perfect. Outside noise leaking into the space can colour your recordings, or become a nuisance to those who are inside the room. If you’re a musician, you may find it difficult to improve your tone without the right acoustics. Noise leaking out of the room can also disturb your neighbours!

Sound isolation solutions from the Wenger Corporation and SoundLok are a good investment for any rooms that you plan to use for recording, broadcasting or rehearsals. Poorly fitting doors are common culprits when it comes to sound isolation disasters. Good quality, properly fitted acoustical doors are crucial. Even the smallest gaps can ruin acoustics, so it’s important to have a door from a reputable company that is installed by experts.

Ceiling and wall panels with superior acoustic insulation are now widely available, as are windows and even floors. Floating floors offer superior results, and advanced fan insulation systems also reduce noise. Interestingly, ballasts are used to eliminate the hum from fluorescent lighting.

VAE technology for sound isolation rooms from SoundLock is an exciting development in music practice technology. It enables musicians to experience realistic simulations of a variety of performance venues. Performers at any level can now choose to duplicate nine different performance and practice environments at the push of a button, fully preparing them for the acoustics in a wide range of venues.
It’s important to ensure that your sound isolation equipment conforms to all fire and safety regulations. An experienced technician will be able to advise you on the most suitable equipment and how to install it.

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