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We offer a variety of stage track accessories that will keep your show going night after night in Sydney, NSW.

Stage Track Accessories in Sydney, New South Wales

Let’s face it – sometimes the success of your show doesn’t depend on great acting or having the perfect set. Sometimes the success of your show is dependent on whether you have hardware that works and works well. At Specialty Theatre, we believe you shouldn’t have to suffer with faulty equipment or have last-minute woes that your special effects or curtains won’t operate properly. That’s why we offer a variety of stage track accessories that will keep your show going night after night in Sydney, NSW.

Speciality Theatre has everything you need for stage track accessories, from brackets to spigots and frame joiners. We provide the resources you need to ensure that your show runs well and that you can put on spectacular performances for your audience. If you need to troubleshoot an issue with your stage track system or just buy a replacement part, please contact Speciality Theatre and our trained staff will gladly assist you. We can recommend suitable stage track accessories and even aid with installation if you require professional hands to ensure that your venue is properly prepared for the event.


Stage track attachments have numerous uses in the performing arts and event production industries. These accessories serve a variety of functions and add to the overall usefulness and diversity of stage track systems. Stage track accessories are commonly used for the following purposes:

Curtain Systems: Curtain systems, including as main stage curtains, backgrounds, traveller curtains, and cyclorama curtains, are hung and controlled using stage track accessories. Curtain carriers, pulleys, and curtain tracks enable for smooth and accurate movement of curtains, allowing for scene changes and the creation of visual effects.

Lighting and Rigging: Stage track attachments are essential for installing and moving lighting fixtures and rigging equipment. Lights, spotlights, and other rigging elements such as trusses, scenery, or special effects equipment can be securely attached and adjusted using track-mounted lighting brackets and rigging gear.

Acoustical Treatments: To manage and increase sound quality on stage, accessories such as track-mounted acoustic panels, baffles, or sound-absorbing materials can be used. These add-ons aid in the reduction of echoes, reflections, and unwanted noise, resulting in a better acoustic environment for performances or presentations.

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When you have our expert staff at Speciality Theatre on your side, you don’t have to worry about minor details. Please let us know what stage track accessories you require, and we will gladly assist you so that you can be confident that your performance will go as planned. We are excited to collaborate with you!

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