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Stage gauze & scrims are known for their “magical” properties, meaning that they can serve a dual purpose for your venue in Sydney, NSW.

Are you looking for a way to provide a dramatic theatrical effect at your next production? Do you need curtains that could be useful for more than one show and offer a variety of different looks? At Specialty Theatre, we believe stage gauze & scrim are an excellent addition to any venue in Sydney, NSW because of their ability to provide useful, often dramatic and moody theatrical effects.

Stage Gauze & Scrims in Sydney, New South Wales

Sharkstooth fabric, which is mostly comprised of open-weave fabrics, is commonly used to make stage gauze and scrim.Stage gauze and scrims are noted for their “magical” characteristics, which means they can perform two functions:

  • When the stage is lit from the front and the upstage is dark, anything or anyone behind the gauze curtain becomes invisible.
  • Alternatively, when the scene behind the gauze is lit and the gauze’s front lights are lowered, the gauze itself becomes invisible, displaying the upstage scene.

Gauze can be utilised to produce misty mornings, dream-like or ghostly figures, a beautiful street-lit landscape, or an unsettling, gloomy environment when combined with the correct lighting.

At Specialty Theatre, we can design and manufacture stage gauze & scrim for your theatre in whatever size or shape you require. We have an excellent staff that is able to make custom drapes, curtains, acoustic wall treatments and much more.

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