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Your cast, crew and audience will see the difference when you add beautiful new theatre equipment to your venue.

Theatre Equipment

At Specialty Theatre, our goal is to help your performances go off without a hitch by providing the high-quality equipment you need to set the stage. Tiered risers and orchestra pit filler, curtains, lights, staging and seating – whatever theatre equipment you need to make your space stand out, you can rely on us to provide the solutions you need. Your cast, crew and audience will see the difference when you add beautiful new equipment to your venue or you simply make a few updates that provide a needed boost to your space.


Technical assistance: Technical assistance for performances is provided by theatre equipment such as lighting fixtures, sound systems, and video equipment. It contributes to an immersive and engaging experience for the audience by creating the right ambience, improving visibility, and delivering high-quality sound and visual effects.

Creative Expression: Theatre equipment allows for artistic vision and creative expression. Lighting systems enable the adjustment of colour, intensity, and movement, thereby improving storytelling and mood. Sound equipment enhances the auditory experience by allowing for the amplification of voices, music, and sound effects. Video equipment can be used for projections, backgrounds, or multimedia presentations, giving the show more visual depth and impact.

Safety and efficiency: Safety elements and systems in theatre equipment safeguard the safety of actors and staff. Fire safety devices, emergency lighting, rigging systems, and stage automation mechanisms are examples of such items. Furthermore, specialised equipment such as rigging and fly systems allow for efficient set changes and scene transitions, which improves the flow and tempo of the performance.

Theatre equipment: It’s adaptable and flexible in terms of altering and adapting to different productions and performances. Modular lighting systems, adjustable audio setups, and adaptable stage rigging systems provide flexibility and scalability to match the specific needs of each production.

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If you have any questions about which equipment will work best in your venue, our experts can make professional recommendations, aid with installation, and even service your equipment so that it performs optimally at each event. To learn more about our products and services, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can assist you with your next project! If you want to see some of our previous projects before contacting us, please visit our projects page.

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