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Specialty Cinema supplies and installs a wide variety of stage truss, from straight forward fixed single pipe units to multi winch tri & box truss designs.

Stage Truss

Single Pipe: For those simple support problems we custom make a wall mount base with a single bar to your specifications.

Bi-Truss: Available in several forms, bi-truss requires less supporting points and simplifies installations.

Tri-Truss: For great rigidity and minimum support points, tri-truss is a popular choice.

Specialty Cinema can supply your cinema with any theatre truss requirement.


Robust and Long-Lasting: The stage truss is crafted from aluminum, which grants it a lightweight yet robust and long-lasting nature. It can withstand heavy equipment like lighting fixtures, speakers, and video screens.

Tailored: The stage truss is available in a range of lengths, widths, and shapes, and can be customized to suit the specific requirements of any stage arrangement. It can be effortlessly configured to form unique designs and is fit for both indoor and outdoor functions.

Flexible: The stage truss is versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for various events, including concerts, festivals, corporate events, and theatrical productions. It can be employed to construct stages, lighting grids, speaker towers, and other structures essential for live events.

Effortless to Assemble: The stage truss is designed to be straightforward to assemble and dismantle, making it a favored option for temporary setups. It can be put together quickly and effortlessly without necessitating special tools or equipment.

Economical: The stage truss is an economical solution when compared to other conventional stage building materials. It can be reused for multiple events, decreasing the necessity for new materials and curbing expenses in the long run.