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We’ll provide the staging & seating, so you can enjoy your performance and engage your audience in Sydney, NSW.

Staging & Seating in Sydney, New South Wales

Have you found the perfect venue for your next show, but they don’t provide the necessary staging & seating for your needs? Does your group travel to perform, and you prefer to have staging & seating delivered to your venue? At Specialty Theatre, we make staging your show and seating your audience members easy by providing a number of products and services to meet your needs in Sydney, NSW.

  • Risers – Risers are the perfect addition to your space when you need to create elevation and interest without detracting from your show. Ask us how we can deliver and set up risers for your next performance.
  • Stage Lighting – It takes skill and expertise to create and install stage lighting. Our experienced technicians can help you take your show to the next level by assisting with your stage lighting needs.
  • Staging Equipment – What would a performance be without the most important part – the stage?! At Specialty Theatre, we have a variety of options for you to choose from, so you have a stable platform to engage your audience.
  • Seating – Your audience members will enjoy the show in style with either our budget-friendly or luxury seating options. You choose what works best for your space, and we’ll deliver and install everything according to plan.

Staging & seating are easy when you work with us at Specialty Theatre. We’ll provide the equipment, and you can enjoy your performance and engage your audience. It’s that simple. Contact us today if you need staging & seating for your venue or if you have questions about how we can assist you with your next show.

Staging & Seating