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We provide flame retardants that you can use should you have special requirements for your productions in Sydney, NSW.

Flame Retardants in Sydney, New South Wales

At Specialty Theatre, we know how important it is to prepare your venue for any unexpected event, including that of a fire. Especially when you are preparing special effects, preparing your equipment, curtains, and other items is critical to the safety and protection of everyone in the theatre. Not only do we have flame retardant options for your theatre curtains as needed, but we also provide flame retardants that you can use should you have special requirements for your productions.

  • Flamex SF (Syn-Fibre) – Treating synthetic fabrics can be difficult, since the synthetic threads of the fabric do not absorb liquids in the same manner that a natural fibre does. Flamex SF is designed to be a penetrating treatment that bonds to the surface of the threads deep within the weave of the material, securing the flame retardant chemicals and rendering an effective protective treatment. Flamex SF will treat many synthetic fabrics, such as polyesters, nylons, acrylics and rayons, as well as most cotton/synthetic blends.
  • ROSCO Flamex NF (Nat-Fibre) – Most fabrics made of natural fibres can be effectively treated using Rosco Flamex NF. Among the many fabrics commonly used in scenery or costumes, use Flamex NF on cotton, muslin, scrims, cotton netting, natural velours, wools, linens, natural felts, and most other decorative, garment or upholstery fabrics made with natural fibres. Easy to use, with no greasy after-effects, Flamex NF is the best solution for ensuring your scenery and props meet local fire regulations.

It is essential that you not only protect yourself while using flame retardants, but you should also take a responsible approach. Make sure to test flame retardants from Sydney, NSW on your materials before use and store them in a safe location per the manufacturer’s requirements.

At Specialty Theatre, we are committed to assisting you in having a great show and beautiful performance venue in Sydney, NSW. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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