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Tiered Risers Sydney NSW

We offer tiered risers that perfectly meet your audience seating needs in Sydney.

Tiered Risers in Sydney, New South Wales

Do you have a performance venue that has multiple uses, and you need audience seating that is durable, but flexible enough to be moved and stored? At Specialty Theatre, we offer tiered risers that perfectly meet your needs in Sydney, New South Wales.

Upper Deck Audience Seating® Tiered Risers

If you have a black box theatre, this is the perfect seating system for you. The folding frame and innovative design of Upper Deck Audience Seating Tiered Risers allows you to easily change seating configurations based on the layout of the performance. Four people can install seating for 200 in about four hours and take it down in even less time.

Additional benefits of this tiered riser system include:

  • Fast, easy and safe to install and reconfigure
  • User-friendly assembly
  • Meets building code standards for grandstand seating, including guard rails and hand rails
  • Decks built with integrated chair stops for another level of safety and security
  • Exceeds a uniform vertical load of 100 psf (488 kg/m2) and side load criteria for states with seismic loading requirements
  • Patented design

The Upper Deck system is also available with corner sections for better sight lines, improved traffic flow and greater seating capacity. Now you can maximise seating and improve sight lines all with previously unusable space. These innovative sections extend Upper Deck value with an easy, straightforward setup that fits in any corner.

Additionally, Move & Store Carts facilitate both ends of the job with these tiered risers. Use the carts to roll out all Upper Deck Audience Seating components during setup, and when you’re ready to take it down, place each component on its dedicated cart as you strike. Then just roll the carts into a corner or against the wall until you want to use them again. Additional high-density storage carts are available for all Upper Deck components.

If you have questions about tiered risers for your venue, or you would like to place an order, contact us at Specialty Theatre today to get started. We look forward to assisting you!

Tiered Risers Sydney NSW

Tiered Risers