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We are dedicated to providing the theatre fabric you need to ensure your show in Sydney, NSW looks and sounds its best.

Theatre Fabric in Sydney, New South Wales

Whether you have a permanent theatre space or you are part of a travelling theatre, you know having the proper theatre fabric makes a big difference in the success of your show. At Specialty Theatre, we are dedicated to providing the theatre fabric you need to ensure your show looks and sounds its best, no matter where your venue might be in Sydney, NSW

  • Backdrops – A backdrop can truly set the stage for your theatre production, and the proper theatre fabrics make setting the scene easier than ever.
  • Scrims – Scrims can be a divider or a way to create a tableau that really reaches out to your audience. Proper care of this theatre fabric is essential, and we’ll be happy to assist you when you need new scrims for your set.
  • Dividers – For everything from your next theatre clinic to simple makeshift dressing rooms, our dividers can be designed for multiple uses and applications.
  • Acoustic Curtains – Just as important as setting the scene is making sure that the proper sounds reach your audience while other noises are kept at bay. Ask us how our acoustic curtains can help you achieve your goals.
  • Tracks & Accessories – Tracks, clamps, pulleys and much more are available here at Specialty Theatre to ensure your theatre fabrics function exactly as it was designed to do.

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At Specialty Theatre, we have been Australian-owned and operated since 1969, and our experienced technicians can discuss your needs for your next production. From custom theatre fabric options in Sydney NSW to planning and installation all over, we’ll make sure your next performance is set up to succeed. Call us today to learn more.