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Theatre Planning Sydney NSW

No matter where you are or what your requirements are, we’ll be glad to help with your theatre planning needs in Sydney.

Theatre Planning in Sydney, New South Wales

Preparation is the key to success with nearly every venture, and at Specialty Theatre, we offer a comprehensive theatre planning service that ensures your performance venue project is completed on-time and to your precise specifications in Sydney, New South Wales. We are equipped to assist with any aspect of your theatre project, and our years of experience mean that we know how long it takes to get the job done and do it right. We prefer to get involved early in a project, so we can assist your architect and theatre consultant with the best selection of theatre equipment, rigging, lighting, and acoustic design choices.

In the theatre, timing is everything, both onstage and behind the scenes.  At Specialty Theatre, our skills are not limited to our own products.  We offer comprehensive services from theatre planning to theatre installation and servicing. This includes complete project management of the fit-out of your performance space, working with other suppliers in the theatre, and planning and installation of the best and most professional solution for your performance venue.

Whether you are building a new theatre from the ground up or you are remodelling and need expert advice at each stage of your project, our Theatre Planning Sydney NSW services are the perfect fit for your needs. Contact us at Specialty Theatre today to learn more about our theatre planning, servicing and installation services. No matter where you are or what your requirements are, large or small, we’ll be glad to help with your theatre planning needs.

Theatre Planning