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So you are creative, you like watching plays and you’d love to be a part of one but you’re not really into acting. Instead, you’d like to take part in making the play as effective in relaying its message as it can be. Then you’d probably want to try being a theatre set designer.

Being theatre set designer

3 Starter Steps to Being A Theatre Set Designer

being a theatre set designer1. Develop and enhance your skills

There are a number of things you can do to build up your skillset.

✔ You can get courses on art & design and work on improving your drawing and painting skills.

✔ Start drawing and sketching whatever you can imagine.

✔ Learn to use related technology. There are a number of software that can be useful to designers. There are AutoCAD, AutoInventor, VectorWorks, and SketchUp to name a few. It doesn’t have to be formal schooling. There are a lot Youtube videos for starters. You can start from there.

✔ Learn new skills. Aside from drawing and designing, it will be helpful to have knowledge about other aspects of theatre set creation. Learn the basics of carpentry and sewing. Study the art of light projection and know more about the type of theatre fabrics, etc.

being a theatre set designer2. Build your portfolio

✔ Gain experience by doing small jobs on small productions first or you can even do volunteer work on your public school or community church

✔ Do not be selective of the job. As long as it is related to building a set, do it. The more you know the better.

✔ Document all the things you have experienced and make a list of things you are yet to try. This will give you a concrete goal to achieve, retain all learning experience and know where you are exactly.

being a theatre set designer3. Execute what you’ve learned and start perfecting your craft

✔ Read manual and scripts to get a full comprehension on what you should aim for

✔ Talk to everyone involved especially the theatre play director to ensure that you are on the same page and that you are aiming for the same goal.

Specialty Theatre offers professional set design and we are always open for consultation. Feel free to contact us for all your theatre needs.

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